Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Want To Download More than Two Files at a Time?

Now a days we are very much dependant on Internt. There are lot of useful stuff on net we download on our local collectin. Sometimes there would so many files we we would be downloading from a site, but internet browsers(IE/FireFox)doesn't allow to download more that 2 files at a time, which frustates while downloading multiple files. You can overcome this limit as mentioned below.

1) FireFox
The process of changing this limitation is pretty simple. For those of you who don't know, Firefox has a special "link" you can use to change settings which are not exposed within the User Interface. To go to this link simply type "about:config" in your location bar and press enter.

In the resulting list find the option named:

This is set to 2 by default. You can set this to be whatever you want. I set mine to 10.

Now, you can download more than just two files at a time!

2) Internet Explorer

For setting internet explorer use the following link :