Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have baught a new Kodak M883 digital camera..!

It was planned to buy a digicam since last one year but wasn't happening. There was concerns of which model to buy, where to buy, price is more and so on.... I was watching only Sony,Cannon & Nikkon models, never thought of buying a Kodak. But..things happen as they have to, and finally I bought the KODAK only....What happened was, we went to Big Bazar to buy a TV and there was a offer on Kodak camera saying buy one 14K camera & get 13K camera free. Firstly I wasn't ready to get Kodak but my mate malaya said he would take one and we should buy it. And thats it we got Kodak M883 and M873 both 8MP/3X cameras for 14K.. The quality is not very good but it is ok, and I would not recommend the Kodak..

(snap taken from the Kodak M883 & some what edited with Kodak EasyShare software)

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